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I.C.E & Arkema to present the 2017 Australasian Gas Odorisation Seminar Series - sponsored by AGA.

By I.C.E, July 10 2017
I.C.E. is proud to announce the '2017 Australasian Gas Odorisation seminar series' to take place in September 2017. Speakers from Arkema (France) and International Chemicals Engineering (Australia) will carry out a 2 hour presentation followed by networking opportunities. The seminar series is sponsored by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) and will include four seminars taking place in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adeliade and Perth. Please see the pre-invitation for more infomation.

Space is limited so please contact I.C.E. to reserve your spot!

Value adding at I.C.E.

By I.C.E, June 7 2017
Did you know that International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E.) provide a host of complementary engineering services to support your gas odorant requirements? I.C.E. offers custom built Injection systems, Gas odorant detection instrumentation, gas odorant spill kits & recovery vacuum systems, activated carbon filtration, pneumatic & electric chemical dosing pumps, mercaptan odour control, calibration columns, levels control switches, personalised in-house training, onsite commisioning, maintanence and system overhauls.

Contact us today for more information.
Odour Management to relocate to new Office & warehouse

By I.C.E, May 25 2017
Odour Management have relocated offices and will continue to work closely with International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E.) on providing high quality and safe odour control solutions. Odour Management continues to be led by Cam Waddell and Sam Shaw - contact them today for your odour control requirements at sam@waterandodour.com.au and cam@waterandodour.com.au.

Happy New year from I.C.E. & Odour Management

By I.C.E, Jan 20 2017
Our team at I.C.E. & Odour Management wish everyone a happy and succesful 2017! Check out the freshly launched Odour Management website at www.odour.net.au

Odour Management at WIOA

By I.C.E, Aug 15 2016
Odour Management both have stands at the upcoming WIOA event in Bendigo. WIOA Bendigo is taking place August 31st to September 1st at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre. Feel free to stop by our booth during the event and speak with Cam.

ICE recieves sustainability award at the South East Business Network (SEBN) Industry breakfast

By I.C.E, May 5 2016
International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) was recognised for its continued dedication to environmental sustainbility at the recent SEBN (south east business network) industry breakfast. ICE was shortlisted by the Dandenong city council for its various environmental initiatives such as solar installations, water tanks and waste management. ICE was one of four finalists in the sustainable business category, congratulations to Hilton manufacturing for being awarded the overall category winner. For more information on the ICE sustainability initiatives follow this link.
Growth of ICEPRO Partnership

By I.C.E, Feb 25 2016

International Chemicals Engineering Pty Ltd (I.C.E) entered into a joint venture with Liquipro Australia in early 2014. Jeremiah Hicks is business development manager is responsible for expanding our reach.
2015 Status update at ICE

By I.C.E, Sep 15 2015

International Chemicals Engineering Pty Ltd (I.C.E) entered into a joint venture with Liquipro Australia in early 2014. This joint venture is continuing to develop and further details will be released in the coming months. 

I.C.E has been providing metering solutions for over 20 years. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support and look forward to working together for many years to come.

Odour Management Presentation at Isle Utilities

By I.C.E, Feb 12 2014
In February 2014, Odour Management were invited by Isle Utilities to present the benefits of Ecosorb Odour Neutraliser technology at the ‘TAG 9’ Forum. 

Isle Utilities (http://www.isleutilities.com/) conduct TAG forums in Australia, UK and Europe. TAG (Technology Approval Group) provides a path of acceleration for the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies in the Water sector. Ecosorb odour neutraliser and the unique Ecosorb Vaporization technology was presented and discussed with TAG members in Sydney on the 12th of February.

We thank Isle Utilities for the opportunity to present the Australian Ecosorb business case, and we look forward to a continued partnership with TAG members.

ICE and Odour Management Exhibits at WIOA Bendigo 2013

By I.C.E, Sep 6 2013
International Chemicals Engineering (ICE) and Odour Management took part in the 76th Annual WIOA Victorian conference hosted in Bendigo in early September. The Water Industry operations conference and exhibition provided a great platform for networking and exploring business opportunities. 

At the ICE exhibition, discussion centred on the new LMI Milton Roy range of pumps, whereas the Odour Management stand promoted Ecosorb; an alternative non-toxic odour control option for the wastewater industry.

Odour Management utilised Ecosorb to eliminate sewerage odours for WI Group & Sydney Water

By I.C.E, Aug 20 2013
Odour Management worked with WI Group and Sydney water to build a customised odour control atomisation system to eliminate odours from an active sewer tunnel during a scheduled inspection. 

The waste water tunnel located in inner-city Sydney was opened for 3 hours and during this time the Ecosorb high pressure spray was activated and effectively nullified all sewerage odours including H2S. Odour Management staff were onsite during the operation and provided flexible and immediate assistance during the opening of the sewer. Utilising Ecosorb, there were zero odour complaints from neighbours during the inspection, compared to the previous inspection which resulted in 400 odour complaints in 15 minutes.

August 2013: Ecosorb Fogger and High pressure spray assembly in full swing.

Freshwave Auto: now available at selected United Petroleum service stations

By I.C.E, Feb 16 2013

United Petroleum are currently trialling the Fresh Wave Auto range of Sprays and Gels. 

This trial is being conducted through 20 Outlets around Victoria and the results have thus far have been amazing. Fresh Wave Auto is an all natural Odour Eliminator , the sprays will eliminate any odour inside your vehicle, caravan, boat or camper on contact!! The Odour is gone immediately. The gels are a slow release odour eliminator that will work around the clock to keep your vehicle odour free and Fresh. The gel will last 30-60 days.

Drop into one of these United Service Stations and try out this amazing product!