International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) offer a wide range of electric and pneumatic metering pumps to accurately control the injection of a vast range of chemicals across many industries. We offer both Pneumatic and Electric metering pumps for the following industries:
  • Oil, Refining & Petrochemical - The metering of chemicals used in all phases of the production, processing, refining, transmission and distribution of oil and gas products.
  • Natural Gas, LPG & LNG  - The metering of corrosion inhibitors for instrument protection, methanol to prevent freezing, and odorant injection for public safety.
  • Offshore Industry - The metering of Oil and Gas corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, oxygen scavengers, methanol injection and many others.
Brochures for many of our chemical dosing solutions are found below. For Information regarding specification and pricing contact us here.

The Williams pneumatic metering pumps and Linc pneumatic metering pumps specialise in low flow rates injecting into high pressures. Williams pneumatic metering pumps & Linc pneumatic metering pumps are utilized in all industries to accurately control the injection of chemicals into various processes. To view the brochures of some of the pneumatic pumps supplied by I.C.E, please select the links below. We also offer a many more pneumatic products, contact us for more details.

Williams chemical metering pumps include the Williams LD series, Williams CLD Series, Williams W Series, Williams V Series & Williams Wilroy range. Linc pneumatic metering pumps include the Linc 85 series & Linc 84T series.  International Chemicals Engineering is your solution for all pneumatic chemical metering pumps, chemical injection pumps and specailised chemical dosing pumps.


International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E) also provides a range of Electric Metering pumps. The I.C.E range specalises in chemical dosing pumps and chemical injection pumps including Milton Roy Solaroy electric metering pumps & Milton Roy LMI metering pumps. I.C.E. is a reseller of the Milton Roy LMI electric metering pump range, including the Milton Roy LMI AD series, Milton Roy LMI B series, Milton Roy LMI C series, Milton Roy LMI E series, Milton Roy LMI J series, Milton Roy LMI P series, Milton Roy LMI U series, Milton Roy LMI GA series, Milton Roy LMI GB series & Milton Roy LMI GM series. To view the brochures of each of the electric metering pumps supplied by I.C.E, please select the links below:

I.C.E is a reseller of LMI Milton Roy products. For information on Milton Roy engineered pumps follow this link to packaged solutions.